Underwater Graphic - Ocean Window (Wreck, 1m²)

€ 210,00
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Thin graphic panels, specifically designed for use in swimming pools. The 1m² sized panels can simply be dropped in the pool and removed after use. Even more, they are easily attachable to most pool floors and walls with the help of our unique snap-lock mechanism. The rubber edge profiles provide extra comfort and protection.


Any design is possible: company logos, mascots, coral reefs, cartoons, it’s just up to your imagination. You may select one of our current designs, but you may also find it interesting to upload your own image. For example, you can choose all kinds of images from websites like Adobe Stock Photo and Shutterstock. Even more, our graphic designers are able to adjust or create tailored designs for you.


Our unique underwater graphic products bring swimming pools alive with splashes of color. Lively underwater art that motivates kids learning to swim. Branding as backdrops for social media-ready images in hotels, water parks or villa rentals. Custom visuals that elevate events and celebrations. Aquatic games for bonding while chilling at the pool with family and friends.


Delivery time is dependent on stock levels and on your location, it may vary between 3 days up until 3 weeks.


For more information or to upload your design, please contact us by email: info@pooladventures.com

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