Printed Pool liner


Pool Adventures is able to create all sorts of designs to decorate your swimming pool. There are different ways to use the printed liners in your swimming pool, ranging from permanent installation to completely mobile solutions.



In case you prefer a more permanent solution, we then print the designs on 1,5mm thick reinforced pool liner. The printedliner will be welded like regular pool liners, which enables you to renovate the entire swimming pool with PixLiner.

A perfect solution to decorate your pool with a beautiful design that will be fully tailored to your requirements.



For partial decorations we will print on 0,6mm thick pool liner. In addition to welding, you can also install these liners by using adhesives. Examples are company logos, mascots, tropical fishes, sponsored designs, 3D-effects and any other design that attracts the customers or fits the theme of your park.

Normally, this will be done when the pool is dry, but in some cases the liner can be firmly glued while the pool is full of water.


If you are looking for flexibility, you can select a mobile solution. These thin graphic panels are specifically designed for use in swimming pools, and can simply be dropped on the pool floor where they will remain in their original position.

Even more, they can easily be attached to pool floors and walls with the help of our unique snap-lock mechanism. Therefore, this product is perfect to give your events and entertainment programs extra flamboyance.
Examples of possible designs are dangerous sharks, subtle dartboards, endearing mascots, childlike cartoons or you could simply put your logo on the pool floor to market your company or product.


VR Snorkeling: dive into a Virtual Reality sea world. In this amazing snorkel experience you feel weightless and overwhelmed while being in the pool area.

VR Games: In this Virtual Reality Pirate Game the goal is to open the treasure as soon as possible, by completing assignments in the virtual world and in the swimming pool with different game props for in the water.